on Monday, March 19, 2012


that's my grandma.
currently in Hospital Pandan Mewah Ampang.

I took care of her last week, and it was a totally new experience.
An experience that I couldn't tell anyone.

Too many things happened in a single night.
happened right before my eyes.


Just put myself together and be strong,
for her.

I don't really mind tho.
she took care of me since I was a little boy.


aku tak kesah nak melayan kerenah dia minggu lepas,
aku ta kesah ta cukup tido sebab nak layan dia,

macam mana dia tak kesah nak urut perut aku bila aku sakit pukul 2-3 pagi
macam mana dia tak kesah buat kan aku ubat tiap kali aku sakit..
Dia nenek aku.
and aku sayang dia.

jali doa kan nenek panjang umur tapi angah tanak nenek terseksa macam ni.


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